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Create your own study plan and follow it
There cannot be generalized schedule for all as everybody has different studying styles which they have developed eventually. Some students prefer studying in early morning whereas others might prefer studying in night. So don’t follow somebody’s schedule, create your own as per your studying habits.
Organize your study area
When your study area is organized, you spend more time on productive activity. You don’t waste time looking for notes, pen, etc.. 
It’s Exam time, take care of Ur Health
You have studied whole year and now it’s time to express your knowledge. Every exam I find some good student losing their academic year as s/he could not appear for exam due to medical reasons. So it’s time to take care of your health.
Following are some tips for YOU :
This discussion is for final year graduates(focusing on BCS degree), who are holding job offers and want to do PG(Post Graduation), so basically in confusion state, what to do ?
Following are some tips for YOU :

When you are preparing for exams, you need to focus on your studies. But lot of students can’t focus due to digital distractions like TV and mobile. These days people are dependent on different gadgets, especially students are addicted to games and different social networking sites like facebook, whatsapp. During your regular school/college days it’s ok but then this is the time you get addicted to these media and can’t be away from them during exam time.

Country like India where Cricket is another Religion, people leave everything else and watch cricket matches like world cup, T20, IPL which are mostly scheduled during exams. It’s very difficult to focus on studies during match time, especially when your country is playing.

Some Tips for avoiding distractions while studying

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