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About Us
Sun Computer Education
Sun Computer Education is an Indian IT training Institute based in Pune since 1995. This institute was started by its visionary director Mr. Sunil Dhadwe. The institute is also popularly known as Sunil Dhadwe coaching classes in Pune. The institute was also famous all over India for its coaching for DAC entrance exam conducted by CDAC till 2011. We mainly impart training in programming languages C, C++, Java and focus on key subjects like Data Structure, Operating System, Compiler Construction. We are mainly famous among B.C.S. /B.Sc(Computer Science)(formally called B.C.S.), but our training is not limited to only B.C.S. students it is open to all other who are willing to learn. Since 1995 Sunil Dhadwe has trained more than 15,000 students through Sun Computer Education.
Why Sun Computer Education?
IT industries have played a major role in the growth of Indian Education. IT Industries in a very short time have reached peek of success all over the world. And our institute plays a major role to bridge the gap between Industrial needs and educational knowledge, by providing knowledge beyond books.
Our Philosophy
Fun way of learning
At Sun Computer Education our students get to explore more than just studies, as we have a lot of extracurricular activities combined with studies, so that students don't get bored.
Our Mission
As defined by Mr. Sunil Dhadwe- 'Instead of writing one good program, I want to create more good programmers.' Instead of giving you a fish which would last for a day, we belief in teaching you fishing which will last for lifetime, i.e. being a coaching class we don't believe in giving readymade programs, instead we help you to do it on your own.
Traind over 10,000 students
Deep Knowledge
Never stop Learning